Pump Motor Set, 112V-085/M35-8, 120V, Buna, P-Valve, 4 – 1/4″ Ports, Green

Series 112V powers the Portable Carpet Extractor market with unmatched performance and size.

  • Simple, single plunger, duplex design.
    Used the most efficient pump technology and created the simplest design. Pumptec pumps gets more work done with less energy.
  • Direct-to-motor mounting
    Compact pump sets allow for greater equipment design flexibility and application possibilities. Pumptec pumps can fit where others cannot.
  • Various performance options
    A unique pump design that provides various performance points enabling performance optimization for each application. Pumptec pumps perform as you require.
  • Multiple motor choices
    Applications often require motor flexibility and different power options. Pumptec pumps have the power for the application.
  • Seals/Elastomers
    Multiple choices of seals and elastomers are available to meet your chemical and application requirements
PumpTec 80105

Part Number 80105
Max Pressure (psi) 250
Open Flow (gpm) 1.18
Seals V-Ring
O-rings Buna
Plunger 304 SS
Inlet Ports (2) – 1/4″ NPT (F)
Discharge Ports (2) – 1/4″ NPT (F)
Max Fluid Temp. (℉) 140
Voltage 120 VAC
Hz 50/60
Max Amps 1.5
Wire Length (in.) 48
Weight 11.0
Body Hardcoat Aluminum
Valves Stainless Steel
Color Green
Fasteners Stainless Steel
Cam 0.085

PumpTec 112V/M35-8
PumpTec 80105 Dimensions