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Hydramaster RX20 2 month review

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Topic: Hydramaster RX20 2 month review
Posted By: Atlantis
Subject: Hydramaster RX20 2 month review
Date Posted: 03/May/2009 at 10:41am
Hello all. As I posted before, I picked up an RX20. I have a report for you as to how it's coming along.

As I mentioned before it takes longer to clean properly (two wet passes, one dry pass). Actually much longer than a wand. On the other hand this is a traffic lane KILLER! I've never gotten that dark matted down traffic damage out so easily.

After two months I've noticed myself using the wand more and more often, especially on the no add on customers. Just getting in there and out as fast as possible (but still doing a damn good job). However, I've been using the RX20 as an upselling tool and it's just about paid for itself. Around $20 to RX a large room. The other day I had a 4 room walk in with pet stains (surface) and scotchgard so I used the RX in all four rooms for $50. Hey, an extra $50! Why not!

The ultimate cleaning is to use the RX first, go over the room a couple of times wet, once dry, then take the wand and go over it again dry. Carpets dry in about 20 minutes that way. That 4 room job (came out to about $500) was dry before I even left. Her biggest complaint about Stanley Steemer was the carpets were wet until the day after. Well, I'm into earning customers for life! Especially customers who understand how to treat their carpet and don't mind spending the extra money to do it right! So I definitely wowed her with the carpets drying instantly. She'll be a repeat for sure!

So, in conclusion I want to change my stance on the RX20. It's a great tool to have but not something to use on EVERY job EVERY day. Only when it needs it. But it's a great tool to make some extra money with (hey, it takes extra time, you need to charge for it) and it really impresses the customer.

Hope you find the info helpful!

PS. Because it looks so much like a bonnet cleaning (and Kiwi is the predominant dry cleaning company around here.. YIKES) I always explain exactly what the RX is and does. I show them the bottom, explain about the jets, vacuum holes and of course the truck mount and hoses and make sure they have a clear understand that this is NOT a buffer system (no offense to the bonnet guys, I did bonnet for my first 4 years).

Posted By: demonsperm
Date Posted: 04/May/2009 at 9:31pm
The rx-20 is a great tool . And as they say ,the right tool for the job.
 You might be able to clean a heavily solied area with your wand but you will work very hard at it . Do 3 or 4 very soiled rooms with a wand as many times as the rx-20 can clean and you will collapse.
It is a great upsale unit and i have many customers who ask for it by name but i charge 3 times as much.
Speaking of one of my employes broke the base of one of my rx-20's today. I wonder how much a stripped body costs?

Posted By: Atlantis
Date Posted: 07/May/2009 at 11:21am
here is a link to parts. Type in your zip code on the top left first otherwise it will just give you errors.

Posted By: nightrider
Date Posted: 07/May/2009 at 3:20pm
Atlantis.....where do you live   BEVERLY HILLS   $ 500.00 FOR 4 ROOMS
I can't get 500 dollars for 4 rooms if I used an Rx-20 , a golden wand , 3 midgets and offered free popcorn and ice cream

Posted By: cmaster
Date Posted: 07/May/2009 at 4:07pm
Maybe it's 500 pesosShocked


The STD Meter

Posted By: Atlantis
Date Posted: 10/May/2009 at 1:18am
pet stains/pad contamination;) If you don't have a UV lamp and a moisture meter you're passing over tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Posted By: Superglide Ken
Date Posted: 11/May/2009 at 11:19am
Originally posted by nightrider nightrider wrote:

Atlantis.....where do you live   BEVERLY HILLS   $ 500.00 FOR 4 ROOMS

I can't get 500 dollars for 4 rooms if I used an Rx-20 , a golden wand , 3 midgets and offered free popcorn and ice cream




You forgot to include the Lap Dancers! Definately helps improves the job ticket. And if you are lucky, it helps you to come back in for another clean-up job.

Inventor of the Teflon Wand Glide and the Turboteck Rotary Air Duct Cleaners for TMs.

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