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The new era - Education - Which is best?

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Topic: The new era - Education - Which is best?
Posted By: TGIF
Subject: The new era - Education - Which is best?
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 1:05pm
I do have an opinion.  I want to know what your views are on all the new certification coarses, schools, institutes and networks.  Anyone have any good or bad experiences regarding this topic????

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 4:38pm
I have discussed education before in some posts and I have one theory.  You should start at the beginning. People go directly to the restoration classes.  Why?  Now they are trying to restore things that they have no idea how they are constructed or for that matter cleaned.  I am a believer in knowing the basics.  Learn to walk before you learn to run but  most like to start at the top.  They see all the big bucks being made and they want to be a part of it.  I wish them luck.  The one good thing is the availablity of different courses .  I prefer to choose my instructor sometimes it is worth the wait. I am not saying they are not all good It is just my personal thing.  Before you take certain courses be sure to see what pre requsites you need in order to receive the certification this is very important and if you take the courses in the proper order it will make things a lot easier for you. Enough said.  IGuitar am sure there are more qualified personal to discuss this post.

Just My opinion

Posted By: TGIF
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 5:21pm
Makes sense Doug,  If you only have the WRT & ASD courses it does'nt mean you have what it takes. 

Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 5:53pm

As far as ASD goesI like the sounds of the school in Barrie over the Hamilton school.  Heres why...

You are using the best equipment on the market.  Not just Dri-Eaz.  Plus you are not supporting your competition who is tryuing to sell their services to you while your there.  To me its like paying for someone to market their product.  Are they really interested in teaching you how to do it properly or are they interested in selling you their product or service.

In Barrie its education only.  Its different brand of equipment.  And it also is the best equipment out there.  They in the end will show you how to dry effectivly and faster because of the equipment.  If I had my choice I would send my people to Chucks school or better yet Bolden's.  Problem with Bolden 's school is you do not get IICRC certified and thats what the Insurance industry wants.

Dollar for piece of education Barrie is your best bet.



Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 7:38pm
Sammy:  I highly reccommend Stephanie's school.  Been there she is great.  The instructors for her AMRT school were also fantastic.Guitar

Just My opinion

Posted By: Mould Dog
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 8:09pm

Hey guys...Ive been looking through all these chats today.....Most of you people are all against Mr. We Dry..Why is that?

I know of there school and I have went through the Barrie school and CDTI's and I for one know that the school in Hamilton is much better in the sence that you have qualified instructors teaching you. They are all from the USA and sure CDTI will give you some of there marketing materials but they do not really compete with allot of most contractors. I know of them owing CDT International, Deep Clean Restoration and RestorX but I also know that they are obviously doing somthing right. They dont have what they have for no reason. Did you know of the BARRIE school beign shut down because of inproper educational classes. Im not going to get into everything about this but look closer before you choose.

They are the ones that are teaching the adjusters what needs to be done and what kind of equipment is needed.

These guys are also from what I know the bst when it comes to large losses and for suplying equipment.

I also know that they do have some fincial interest with other organizations in Ontario and some in the USA. You dont grow the growth that they have with only providing one service.

Take a Home Depot ...They sell and rent. And now they offer carpet cleaning... Why dont we bash them up and not buy supplies from them either. I dont think that you people realize what CDTI or whatever you want to call them is doing for the industry...I would be the first one to admit that I would use there services in the case I had a large loss or a CAT loss......

This is getting a little off topic but i think that someone kneeds to speak up and help out Mr. We Dry......

Im not on anyones side but I think that what has been said against him is bullsh*t and that they are helping the industry.


Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 8:19pm
Mr. Mould Dog:  I would like to hear more agout Stephanie Beattie's School  being shut down.  I can only hope you can back this statement up.  This is a very serious accusation.  I believe if Mr. We Dry had been up front with people on this board none of the so called bashing would have taken place.  You make your bed and then you lie in it.  I believe the question asked was.  Are you a restoration contractor?  Mr. Mouldy did you read his response anywhere incase I missed it?Guitar

Just My opinion

Posted By: Mould Dog
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 8:48pm

Hey there Doug....

I think I should clarify somthing... I have heard that it was shut down for inproper teaching....Sorry I did not say that in the first place....I was writing allot and got carried away.......Sorry anyone that miss understood it......I have underlined it so peope can see that....

And yes I am a contractor in the Oakvilel/Mississauga area.....I know he did not answer it but lets really look at it... They havent done anytihng to worsen the industry..They are simply helping the education side...

Im not sure I like this board too much......OO...Look at Sears...They do carpet Cleaning and now there going to be providing water damage service.....

Well..Signing off now!


Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 9:13pm
Mr. Mouldy:  I never said they did anything to worsen the industry.  I don't think anyone came out and said that.  If asking a simple questioin causes that much god damm trouble I guess I maybe should quit.  If I wanted to cause trouble I would start a false rumor about a worthy competetor that would take of it.  About Sears and Home Depot I am lucky the have a long drive to get to me.  Sears is here but they are like a stray cat they just keep coming back.  So like everything deal with it.Guitar

Just My opinion

Posted By: We Dry
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 9:17pm

Thanks Mr. Mould Dog.....I appreciate the litle help.......Im not sure why people think of me as somthing bad... You explained just about everytitnhg there is to know about me.........

Posted By: BigRed
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 9:39pm

I agree with you doug.  Mould dog - CDT is running a school in Canada, thats a bonus.  When they are providing full restoration services in GTA that is called conflict of interest.  The want you at their school, they want to rent to you and they want to compete with you Daaaaa! 

Two things that should be known. 

1.  The wholesale company will go out and provide a service charge you what they want and leave you  to try and get the money from the insurance.  What do most people know about large losses and the kind of equipment used to run one.  Thats why its so easy to be taken to the cleaners when its your turn to present your bill to the adjuster.  I know at least a half dosen people this has happened to by large loss equipment wholesaler.

2.  A wholesale company rents to you under one name (nice guy right??)  Then the whole sale company provides the same service you do in the same area under another name.  Then the wholesale company sells memberships to your local compeditors who have the same name as the wholesale company. 

If this is so appropriate in the industry than why so many names.  You think this helps the industry.  I have my reservations about you Mould Man. 

I was burned by a wholesale company 4 years ago.  I know many others that have been upto a year ago.  If your not We Dry's right hand man than you have to be the most vulnerable business person there is.

Sorry Pal, you deserve some punishment.

As far as schools go.  Would you rather take an ASD coarse from a compeditor who, yes, has good instructors, but are teaching you with second to best equipment.  This coarse has so much hands on training that I would recommend working with the best equipment.

P.S. this is a note for you too Doug, The Barrie school was never going to be shut down.  It was under investigation because of false allegations by whom.  By the same people trying to get their school going.  See how the compeditor conducts themselves.  If the IICRC had any reservations about the barrie school in would have been shut down.  You know that Doug.  Your an supervisor for them and tou monitor these schools.  This is how these people work.  They will try anything to get an edge.  My only regrest is that I did spend my money on their ASD coarse but all my employees will be at the best school which is located in Barrie.

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 9:42pm
Wow:  Could Mr. Mouldy Dog and Mr. WE Dry be one in the same?? Does he have an alter ego?  Multiple personalities?  I never thought such a simple post could get so complicated with nothing.  If you need equipment you need equipment what's the big deal that means you are busy and probably going to be around to fight another battle.  If they screw people they will simply go the way of the dinasour and we will be rid of them once and for all.  But in the mean time endour.Guitar

Just My opinion

Posted By: Sammy
Date Posted: 30/May/2004 at 9:48pm

Sound like the same person to me Doug!

I don't feel like much for argueing tonight but I have been to CDR school in Barrie and thought it was excellent.  She shows you how to test the equipment to see which works better and I have tested  it in my own shop and shes right there is a big difference between certain pieces of equipment.

Posted By: We Dry
Date Posted: 31/May/2004 at 10:06am

Hey Guys......

Its Matthew Lozecki from CDT International CAT....

I would like to come out and let yous know who I am....

To be truthfull, I wanted to see just how much talk I can get going....Its kinda funny and very exciting...

Well.....Guys that dont like me or my firm CDT International CAT......I would like to touch base with some topics..


1) Training- - - - I am one to think that competition is much needed and is good. Without that then every day will be the same. What fun would that be? In our ASD/WRT/Mould courses we do not teach you from CDT Internatioanl CAT, Dri-Eaz teaches you and for the records we are a carded school with the Dri-Eaz University. So I'm not too sure if this helps at all but I have nothing against the school in Barrie.  As far as the equipment goes, I would truthfully like everyone to know that we have both Dri-Eaz/Thermastor/DrAir and we manufacture our own induistrial desiccant units. Are equipment is very versitile and I for one also like to Gale Force more so than the Ace. 

2) Direct Competition- - - - Yes, We do provide restoration services in the Local HAMILTON area and we do provide drying/rental of equipment/micribioal projects for contractors in the Canada and the GTA areas.

3) Some other competitors, SEARS, HOME DEPOT, BLINDS TO GO, CENTURE FLOORING and the list goes on. Im not saying anything bad about them but they too are direct competitors with all of US...So does this make my firm any different.....


Well...Hope to hear back from you guys soon......

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 31/May/2004 at 10:21am
Mr. Lozecki:  I have a questiion for you.  You misled this board, were less than truthful and you showed very poor judgement.  Is this part of the echics you and your company practice.  Is this the type of ethics taught in your classes?  Regarding your answer, nobody knows what to believe or what to really expect.  You have done your reputatiion the world of good with this stunt.  I can only wish you continues success in the way you do business and treat fellow restorers.  Belittleing another school takes the cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just My opinion

Posted By: We Dry
Date Posted: 31/May/2004 at 10:27am
I have not belitteled NO ONE..What dont you understand about that!

Posted By: BigRed
Date Posted: 31/May/2004 at 7:51pm
We Dry:  I don't think he's talking about you belittleing.  I think its the other character you created "Mould Dog". 

Posted By: We Dry
Date Posted: 31/May/2004 at 9:10pm
Whatever you say BigRed!!..

Posted By: Brian Strawn
Date Posted: 31/May/2004 at 10:59pm
Sammy Boldens school is iicrc certified Chucks is not
Stephanie Beattie's School  being shut down is not true.

I have been to just about every school she has taught in barrie and was at
the school today. She is not shut down.

CDT school is a Canadian Dri-Eaz Taught by Dri-Eaz instructors.

All above are true facts.

Brian Strawn

Posted By: LilNiteRidrhood
Date Posted: 31/May/2004 at 11:02pm

Mr. Mould Dog, you listen to far too many rumours.

To say such a thing without substantial proof is very slanderous.

Matt, rather than congratulate Mould Dog, you should have come to Steph's defense.

I know it seems that you are under attack and defending Stephanie isn't high on the list of priorities, however lets put first things first.

I have recently had my first dealings with Matt here in Toronto.

Delivered the goods, offered the services of a guy with scissors truck to seal a deck roof for a fire job I had, didn't ask for a cent!

NOW THAT WAS SERVICE, 6 air scrubbers delivered same night and with a smile. I'd recommend Matt anyday. I also have a good idea of what he wants in the long run, I believe that he is trying to help and is pretty well needed as a supplier and a school. Thanks Matt, for making my life easier.

As for you Mould Dog you owe Stephanie an apology.

Lee Senter

Posted By: We Dry
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 9:06am

Hey Lee.....

Hows it going? Hows the new project goging?

Lee.....About the school thing.. I agree but I dont really want to get involved with all these rumors with schools and things like that. I do not have a problem with competition...I have dealt with you and you know the way I am. Im a straight shooter and would never try to take a job out from under you. Am I correct or not Lee?....

Lee...Give me a shout you have my number!

Talk to ya soon

Posted By: BigRed
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 9:24am

We Dry:  I don't kow Lee.  He souns sincere about what he's saying.  Thats one person.  Lee has a good story about you.  I am not about to get into details of when or where you have back doored me or some of my competition that I deal with.  I think what Lee needs to know is that if his client is a property manager or someone that you can do some serious business with you will take notes and market them in the future.  Thats why we don't use you.  I can say that clients we have dealt with in the past two years have called us back for service and somehow had your information on file with names and phone numbers relating to the the job we performed for them.  How does that happen??

Lee i'm glad you had a good experience.  i don't know what exactly your service provides but for your sake sleep with one eye open.  I hope these guys are turning over a new leaf but in my opinion there not.

Posted By: We Dry
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 9:29am

Your know what BIG RED....If you spent as much time on your business as you do on knocking me down then you might actually get somewhere.....

I dont really care what you think because to be truthfull...Its not worth my time..

I think I know who you are and if its who I think you are then your name says it all!

Not going any further!

Posted By: BigRed
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 10:01am
Originally posted by We Dry We Dry wrote:

Your know what BIG RED....If you spent as much time on your business as you do on knocking me down then you might actually get somewhere.....

I dont really care what you think because to be truthfull...Its not worth my time..

I think I know who you are and if its who I think you are then your name says it all!

Not going any further!

We Dry:  Its not about knocking you.  Its about getting some truth to some of the dialogue I have seen posted in these posts.  We can go on forever with this.  You made it obvious by not anwering Doug's question about the competition and conflict of interest thing.  I am probably one of many who think this way.  Like i have said before its your bed and you have to sleep in it.  I don't think you know who I am.  If you do, I don't really care.  I will be using this post for intelegent coversation and really won't comment in a negative fashion unless I see someone is misinformed.


Be good!

Posted By: We Dry
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 10:31am

Hey....Its your oponion....We all have our own....

Talk is better than no talk.. If you wernt talking about me then I would think somthing is wrong.. Weather its good or bad........Its free marketing!


Posted By: Clean&dry
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 11:05am

We Dry:  I do not want to keep this debate going but you have had this coming for a while.  There is never any winners in these battles but many people know of whats going on here.  Some are more vocal than othersClap


Clean & Dry

Posted By: We Dry
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 11:17am
I know....Its fun to hear whats being said though?

Posted By: Clean&dry
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 12:24pm

We Dry: I think you may have misunderstood me.  I have to come to the defense o fBidgred.  I have also had a problem with your services a couple of years back but I may need you in the future and probably would use you again.  I will have to be a little smarter about it.  As far as the school goes...  I have been to DCR in barrie for the ASD and thought it was excellent.  I would think your school would be at least equal if its a Drieaz school.

Do they use any other equipment other than Drieaz??

Posted By: We Dry
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 1:50pm

Are you refering to the Dri-Eaz school?..All they use is the Dri-Eaz equipment and I am one not to agree with that......I know they should have other equipment in here but thats where we come is....We tell evryone about the Thermastor and Dry Air equipment........

I am truly sorry about if you had an issue before dealing with us. But Im sure if there is another time that we get to use you , you will see that things have changed...Maybe it was somthing how it was dealt with but I can give you a personal GUARANTEE that it wont happen again. I am the only one that deals with CDTI's rental and large loss division....

Well...Hope to hear back!

Posted By: Carpetologist
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 2:05pm

We Dry is young and aggressive, probably the way most of us were at his age.  He admits he has much still to learn and is human and has made errors a few times as we all have.

Now he has been trained by the best and up to date with what this changing industry is demanding. He travels across North America extensively seeing first hand what goes on in the trenches.  He is willing to share his knowledge and is backed up by truck loads of equipment that can offer him, you, and I a comfortable return and keep us looking good with stock on  demand.

Try and separate the politics and I am sure his mode will not fit all but he does have much to offer. Matt has his finger and mind on the pulse of this industry.  This is the type of person I would rather have as a business associate than an enemy.

Talk to him about any grievances you may have, he is very approachable and like I said he may not fit your mode but I say the best of luck to him.     

Kleen Kuip Supply Mart Inc. - New & Used Professional Carpet Cleaning Machines, Restoration Equipment, Training, Service and Supplies

Posted By: LilNiteRidrhood
Date Posted: 01/June/2004 at 10:20pm

Well put Ted.

Matt is out there making his mark.

Hugh Sinclair seems to be on the rebound in Toronto, just got a flyer from him regarding equipment rental. But his Hugh available 24/7??

Matt I wish you all the luck you need. I would keep your division as separate as possible from the other companies in your family. Trust takes some time.

Just keep your business clean and offer good service and you can't miss.

I'll speak to you next week if I have a chance.

Posted By: doug
Date Posted: 02/June/2004 at 9:00am

I appreciate all the hipe about the availability of drying equipment.  I applaude the people who specialize in this field even Munters or do they not exist anymore?  I think one should not forget the supplier who tries to assist  you with of all your other problems.  There is no one magical cure for everything so lets not put all our eggs in one basket.  Lets not fall for the old wives tale that the new broom always sweeps cleaner and forget the people who got us where we are, and hopefully will still be around to get us where we are going.Guitar


Just My opinion

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