Unsmoke Electro-Gen Thermal Fogger

//Unsmoke Electro-Gen Thermal Fogger
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Unsmoke Electro- Gen Thermal Fogger

Unsmoke Electro-Gen Thermal Fogger

Electro-Gen – Remove smells from cars, houses, hotel/motel rooms, etc,.
Tobacco smells, cannabis odours, car detailing smoke odor removal.

A versatile odour control application tool. The Electro-Gen produces “DRY FOG” on the order of smoke itself rather than the damage causing wet particles produced by conventional mister and foggers. Remove the barrel and the Electro- Gen also can be used as an electric sprayer to apply solvent or water based chemicals for deodorizing, disinfecting, flame proofing, pest control, fabric protecting, etc.

The Electro-Gen converts one ounce of Thermo-55 into a 2,000 cubic foot deodorizing cloud – IN JUST 30 SECONDS! Specially insulated barrel produces smallest particle size. Comes with an instruction and maintenance manual. Insist on the Original…Electro-Gen is the industry’s most durable electric thermal fogger.

  • 1/2-gallon capacity
  • Converts 1 oz of Thermo-55 into 2,000 cubic feet of coverage
  • Can treat up to 64,000 cubic feet an hour
  • Can also be used as an electrical sprayer
  • Solvent-based products recommended

The Electro-Gen is a pure profit machine!

Works in seconds…then just leave the car for an hour or so and it’s done!

Electro-Gen Fogging machine

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