Floor Scrubber Machine – Centaur Rabbit-1

//Floor Scrubber Machine – Centaur Rabbit-1
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Centaur Floor Machines

Centaur Rabbit-1 Floor Scrubber Machine – The Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaning Machine

Centaur Rabbit-One Floor and Baseboard Cleaning MachineHow to Restore & Polish Terrazzo, Marble & Granite Floors Seminar

How to Restore & Polish Terrazzo, Marble & Granite Floors Seminar
Become a floor cleaning and restoration professional.

The Centaur Rabbit-1 Floor Polisher is a single-speed 175RPM machine that is a cost effective solution to baseboard cleaning, stripping, buffing & polishing. This machine has more benefits than any other floor polisher available and is built with Centaur’s extreme quality and craftsmanship. You will be impressed with the price and even more so with the quality.

Centaur Rabbit-One
The one and only baseboard cleaning machine. As you know there are millions of miles of dirty baseboards needing to be cleaned and traditional methods of spray-on cleaners and a scraper/brush are a thing of the past.

With the Centaur Rabbit-One Baseboard Cleaning Machine, you can now effectively clean baseboards 100 times faster than traditional back-breaking methods.

Centaur’s Scrub Jay #3 has been designed to clean, polish and strip: square or cove hard surface baseboards 4 inches in height. We also have the Scrub Jay #4, and extension to the Scrub Jay #3 to provide you with an additional 4 inches in cleaning height.

The Rabbit-1 floor machine is so versatile, you can…

  • Clean baseboards 100 times faster!
  • Save money and time!
  • No other machine can outperform
  • Centaur quality – built to last
  • Strip floors and polish faster using the 40lb. weights
  • No mess with the world’s only integrated splashguard
  • Downsize from model 19 to just 13″ for tight areas

After your baseboards have been beautifully cleaned, your Rabbit-One does not need to sit idle. Centaur floor machines has developed the world’s first integrated Splashguard that contains all mess and liquids underneath the machine, making it your best friend for stripping and polishing floors. With the Splashguard on, you can utilize 18″ of cleaning or diamond polishing power, and if you ever need to get into tight areas, you can quickly remove the SplashGuard and your machine will downsize to just 13 inches. This is usually left for buying a secondary machine, however this one machine can do both!